Kindness and cruelty

Why had she always been so much better at the latter than the former?

Jocelyn McCoy
11 March
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Who she was

Jocelyn McCoy (neé Jocelyn Darnell) was born on March 11, 2227 in Georgia, North America on planet Earth, not long after the birth of Leonard McCoy and not long before that of Clay Treadway. After Treadway's birth, the Darnells and Treadways loosely betrothed their offspring to each other.

By 2243, the two had entered into a relationship, but Darnell quickly learnt that Treadway was overpossessive and prone to extreme jealousy and violent outburts. When the two attended a high school social in 2244, Darnell openly grabbed the shy Leonard McCoy to dance with, angering Clay. The two fought but Clay was knocked to the floor by Leonard, allowing the gentlemanly McCoy to leave with Darnell. It put an end to Jocelyn's relationship with Clay and started her relationship with Leonard.

McCoy enrolled in Medical School in 2245, although he did his studying in his home in Georgia. McCoy and Darnell finally married in 2248 and had a daughter, Joanna McCoy around 2249. Clay left Jocelyn's life (and presumably Georgia) shortly after her marriage.

Who she is now

Jocelyn and Leonard spent several happy years together before things started to fall apart. When her father in law passed away it devastated her husband and he spiraled into a black hole of depression and alcoholism that he didn't seem able to surface from. Unable to take any more and emotionally drained, Jocelyn took decisive action in dissolving their marriage.

It was around the time she'd started the process of filing paperwork that Clay reappeared in her life. Feeling lonely and emotionally vulnerable she slept with him, and cheated on Leonard. Allowing her bitterness and anger over the entire situation to overwhelm her, she annihilated her husband in the divorce, taking as he would later refer to it "the whole damn planet". Where Leonard joined Starfleet and became CMO of the Enterprise under his best friend Jim Kirk, Jocelyn married Clay and became an Ambassador for the Federation. {{Default verse, otherwise she is played as close to canon as possible-- canon being Shadows on the Sun}}


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